What Facebook’s new changes means for your business

If you haven’t heard already, Facebook is releasing major changes to it’s interface on Sept. 29. Profiles will have customizable options, appear in a timeline presentation, and have the ability to add social apps displaying the your life activities on a daily basis. You can read more about it here.

Meanwhile, what’s this mean for businesses marketing themselves?

I’ve heard that Facebook is working on making their new platform friendly for pages, but as of now the new release does not apply to business pages. But the way you’ll market to Facebook fans will definitely be changing. The following is a great list of resources from fbforbusinessmarketing.com for further reading. In a nutshell:

Getting someone to “Like” your business page isn’t enough. Now more than ever, you’ll have to make sure your business is posting relevant, valuable, and timely content. If not, your posts won’t show up at the top of someone’s news feed.

Keep your page visible by continuing to do things that cause interest and engagement.

From fbforbusinessmarketing.com:

What Facebook’s Changes Mean for Marketers, by Todd Wasserman at Mashable
“The big loser? The “Like,” which will have a smaller role in marketing, industry analysts say.”
“Since users now have more control over their news feeds, brands with boring or irrelevant updates will have lower visibility.”
“…consumers will be creating a “digital autobiography” in which brands will have to integrate themselves…”
“…apps will become more of a vehicle for branding..”
“the “Like” is “a little less relevant now,” and … marketers will have to work harder to earn their place in news feeds”

Facebook Enhances News Feed and Introduces Tickers, by Pamela Vaughan at Hubspot
“So what specifically should marketers do? First, … make sure your posts in social media are relevant and personal for your target audience. Second, … be sure that every post you publish is both optimized with your target keywords and is made publicly available.”

Facebook Subscribe Button: What It Means for Each Type of User, by Meghan Peters at Mashable
“In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to migrate page “likers” to profile-update subscribers…After the migration is complete, you will lose all page content. The biggest advantages? Profiles are easier to update via mobile than pages and people are prioritized over pages in search.”

4 Strategic Changes for the Facebook Platform and Open Graph, by Kim-Mai Cutler at Inside Facebook
The changes are:  “diversification beyond gaming and marketing, interests added to the social graph, developers can more easily get users to share their activity, and developers can focus on three user acquisition points on the platform: timeline, news feed and the ticker.”

Facebook Combines Most Recent and Top News Into a Single Feed, by Josh Constine at Inside Facebook
“Rather than having to choose between tabs, users will automatically see Top News content first if highly relevant updates have been published since they last checked Facebook, and see Most Recent content first if they’ve been visiting frequently. A Ticker in the right sidebar will display a firehose of real-time updates that users can click to expand and engage with.”  See screenshots and explanations.

 Facebook to Disable “Send and Update” that Let Pages Reach Fans Directly Through Messages, by Josh Constine at Inside Facebook
“These Updates often went unseen since they were delivered to the rarely opened “Other” Facebook Messages inbox. Rather than have Page admins waste time using tool that didn’t perform well, Facebook decided it would be best to remove it.”

Facebook Launches a Recommendations Bar to Keep Users Reading on Sites by Eric Eldon at Inside Facebook
“The new plugin lives at the lower right corner of each browser window of a page that has the plugin installed. It floats down as users scroll, basically like how other toolbars work. When a user first loads a page — say, an article on CNN — the bar is collapsed and only shows the option to Like the page. But as the user spends more time reading the article and scrolling down, the plugin will expand and show additional articles to read on the site based on the criteria below.”

How to Use the Facebook Timeline, by Josh Constine at Inside Facebook
Find “all the new features available in Timeline, how to control what’s displayed, and discuss how Timeline will impact users and the rest of the site.”

What Should Page Administrators Do After F8? on AllFacebook
“Facebook pages will eventually have timelines for business. This was not announced, but it is inevitable.”
“Business Pages will use verbs other than Like.”
“Pages will benefit by Ticker and GraphRank.”
“…creating an app on the platform is the best way to benefit from the new changes.”

Will Timeline Ticker and GraphRank Break Facebook Marketing? by Brian Carter at AllFacebook
“Does that change how we market? Probably not.  Fundamentally, these ranks serve to tell Facebook when to tell your connections about your activities (either as a profile or a page).  So if you continue to do things that cause interest and engagement, you will continue to get visibility.”


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