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How I plan to use the new Facebook Timeline features

Facebook changes

Facebook rolls out changes to business pages on March 30, just next week. Eek! I manage so many Facebook pages, this means major work for me as I make updates and decide how to utilize the new Timeline feature. As I’m gathering articles on tips and best practice’s for Facebook’s new timeline, I thought I’d share them with you as well.

Cover Images

With a size of 851 x 315 pixels, this space puts on the pressure to utilize it in a big way! So far, here are some of my favorite cover images:

Great timeline design for Facebook

Clean Facebook timeline design

Pinned Posts

Now you can feature a specific post to be displayed at the top of your page each week. I can foresee clients having a hard time choosing the most important post of the week, but I think it will get easier to choose after watching our analytics and getting a better idea of what posts pull the most interest.


Apps will no longer appear in tabs to the left, but will now be across the top and feature thumbnail images. There’s only one way I can imagine displaying these apps–matching icon images for each. Here’s the example I’ll be following:

Facebook design featuring matching icons for the apps

Star Top Stories

Highlight important stories by selecting the star icon. I’m eager to see how this works and what affect it has compared to other features.


Publish key moments over time using the milestones feature. As a business, it takes a bit more creativity for marking milestones than it does on a personal page. I like Ketchum’s suggestions of using milestones to commemorate reaching a certain number of likes, grand openings, company news, and winning awards.

Other great new features:

Friend activity–see which of your friends is interacting with this business page.
Private messages–finally a company and a person can private message each other if the person follows your page.
Scheduling posts–Facebook is finally providing this feature after competing with apps like Hootsuite and Buffer.

Articles on Facebook’s new features for business pages:

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How to Use the New Facebook Admin Panel

4 Important Tips About Facebook Timeline for Brands

Amazing reference inforgraphic by Jon Loomer

Timeline dimensions

I can’t wait to create some new portfolio-worthy Facebook pages!

Jenny Erb, Marketing Consultant




Pinterest–a list of social media marketing resources

Jenny Erb on Pinterest

Those who know me well know that my top love after marketing is crafting. Watching Pinterest rise to the status of a top social media outlet is a dream come true, as I see my personal and professional interests collide. Pinterest is such a creative outlet (or inlet?) for creatives like me, providing stimulating ideas for crafting, handmade tutorials, decorating, event planning, cooking recipes, fashion trends, and so much more. Since the New Year, it’s gained a lot of publicity as it’s popularity has become evident. Businesses are scrambling to figure out how Pinterest can fit into their social media strategies. The best yet is this infographic created by Monetate, providing ideas on how you can use the social photo sharing website to promote products, build community, and drive website traffic and conversions.

An inforgraphic on Pinterest's status in social media marketing

Before you wonder off, see some of my own finished Pinterest projects on my personal blog and be sure to find me on Pinterest.

Here are more articles on how to incorporate Pinterest into your social media marketing:

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Pinterest–11 ways to leverage for business marketing complete with infographic below:

Using Pinterest to market your business


Jenny Erb, Marketing Consultant

I’d rather use social media than watch the Super Bowl

Indianapolis Super Bowl has large impact on social media

By no means am I a football fan, but I do however love social media. Host city Indianapolis is striving to make football history by making the experience one of a kind through a large focus on social media. The Host Committee is creating a social media command center that will interact and coordinate mentions of the Super Bowl across multiple social media platforms, providing tips such as parking, things to do, etc.

Here’s the top reasons I’m excited for the Indianapolis Super Bowl:

  • Watching social media take a big giant leap forward
  • Learning from advertisers and marketers and seeing how they create interactions during television’s most publicized event
  • Seeing how marketers handle this volume of an engaged audience
  • Finding new local marketers to follow via the Social 46 planning committee
  • Anticipating how all these events will change the industry

Indianapolis Monument Circle prepares for Super Bowl

This means for me that I can watch the Super Bowl unfold before my Twittering eyes without having to turn on my television. I can participate, cheer, and interact with other fans on a whole new level. Which is the vision of the Super Bowl Host Committee. It will be fun both for visitors to Indianapolis and folks like me who will be participating from home. With an app such as the official NFL Mobile Super Bowl Guide, users can see interactive maps of Indy, find restaurants, and all sorts of tools.

Advertisers are catching on too–Chevrolet is launching an app to give away 20 new cars and 6,000 prizes during the Super Bowl. Expect to see many of the Super Bowl commercials featuring Twitter hashtags among other calls-to-action driving traffic to social media outlets.

Social 46 – follow the Indianapolis Super Bowl in Social Media

Labeled Social 46, all these efforts are powered by a committee of Indiana’s best marketers. How cool to see so many creative minds come together for one project. Something this big could largely influence future event organization forever. Super Bowl might just be one weekend of fun, but it’s impact will be much longer lasting. Be sure to join in the fun–here’s a list of popular Twitter hashtags to look for:

And be sure to join the Indianapolis Host Committee on Facebook as well!


Jenny Erb, Marketing Consultant

Keeping your brand’s digital ecosystem healthy


Managing your online marketing efforts can be so overwhelming–just when you feel like you’re getting the hang of it, another factor changes in the digital marketing world, making you scramble to keep up. Jeb Banner of SmallBox shared slides from a presentation on keeping a healthy balance in the ever-changing digital ecosystem of your brand. I fell in love with slide 18:

How do you have a healthy digital Ecosystem?

Diverse, consistent and interesting content

Content’s where it’s at. It must be relevant and consistent with your overall marketing goals.

Meaningful conversations

Are you engaging in two-way conversation? Aim to make your online marketing efforts spark something.

Be transparent & accountable

Consumers find it refreshing to see companies own their mistakes when messing up. This is because online media is so great at giving a real voice and personality to your brand, the key is always using that to your advantage.

Maintain a healthy team culture

It takes lots of communicating to collaborate on your online brand. Healthy team=healthy results!

Consistency across all touchpoints

Again with the consistency–you must be using the same messages across all mediums. This should come naturally if you’re adhering to your set communication goals. Keep up with SEO changes and keep your efforts consistent!

Utilize web marketing best practices

There is so much expert advice available nowadays on how to do things right–so follow it.

Continually measure & refine

Efforts are wasted if they aren’t measurable and continuously redefined based on results.


Thanks Jeb for the inspiring slides!