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Use social media to create volunteer marketers

We Are All Weird by Seth Godin

I had the pleasure of working with Jay Baer of Convince & Convert on a few projects in the past and love following his blog.  Today he highlighted some inspiring excerpts from Seth Godin‘s recent book, We Are All Weird, concerning the ways a company approaches social media.

Jay sources a quote from page 34 of Godin’s book, commenting on how to turn customers into volunteer marketers for your brand by deepening interests.

“If you want to sell $900 handmade rifles to obsessive collectors, the easiest way to grow your sales is to grow the market of obsessive rifle collectors. That means that marketers evangelize this particular weirdness to those who might be entranced by it.” –Godin

To quote Jay, “The objective isn’t to breed new customers, but rather to increase the temperature of current customers from luke warm to a roiling boil.” Jay goes on to say that we should use social media not just as an advertising outlet but to tell how our products or services are doing amazing things. “Build a culture of accomplishment around your offerings, rather than a culture of availability.”

I love this mentality because it challenges marketers to dig deeper and leverage social media to a fuller potential. Jump over to Jay’s blog and read the full article.

Don’t just collect data–develop customer insights

Analytics and Marketing Operations: A One-Two Punch for Growth

A great article was posted this morning via MarketingProfs, talking about the importance of using analytics with your online marketing efforts. You think analytics is just another to-do, giving you miles of mathematic data? Think again. Your online analytics give you major insight into customer behavior, helping you to drive growth. To quote the article,

Analytics help you evaluate and address the following five growth opportunities:

  1. Acquiring more valuable customers
  2. Acquiring customers who will buy more from you
  3. Acquiring customers who will buy your high-value products or services
  4. Retaining high-value customers longer
  5. Determining which marketing activities best accelerate customer acquisition and improve retention