While I’m currently a one-woman show, if your needs are more robust I have a network of professionals that I team up with on occasion. The process begins with a consultation to discuss your needs and from there I can propose a plan for meeting your marketing objectives.

If you feel like we might be a right fit, then start by sending me an email and we’ll schedule a chat!

Strategic Marketing

What are your goals? Who is your audience? How is your brand perceived? All of these factors measure into your marketing success. A good plan starts with a sound marketing strategy that clearly defines measurable goals and a plan for achieving them. Whether you need a full-blown annual marketing plan or just a creative brief for an upcoming campaign, I’ll start you off with a written strategy.

Social Media

It’s not just about being on Facebook and Twitter–the secret’s in creating valuable content that allows readers to connect with your brand in a meaningful way.  I help leverage multiple social media tools to increase customer engagement while creating a following of fans for your brand.

Email Marketing

Email can be a powerful tool and can provide valuable consumer insight. Let me show you how a relevant, tailored email marketing program can not only help you connect one-to-one with your audience but also convert to leads.

Promotional Campaigns

Launching a marketing campaign can be the best way to move your organization forward towards larger goals by achieving specific, attainable milestones. I can help you develop a marketing campaign for launching a new product or service, boosting attendance to an event, or promoting a fundraiser, or simply reaching a short-term sales goal.

Graphic Design, Copywriting & Print Services

My design and copywriting services allow me to create deliverables that precisely carry through outlined marketing goals. This ensures that all pieces of a campaign are designed cohesively while effectively engaging each individual. I also have trade access to fulfill printing needs, as well as fine stationary products for formal invitations and events.

Corporate Events

Events are your chance to bring your brand alive in front of an audience. I help ensure that your event communicates your vision while meeting your marketing goals. I offer assistance with event logistics, event goals, event promotion, and marketing your event, including conferences, meetings, retreats, celebrations and more. My trade accounts allow me access to unique, discounted event supplies to embellish your event.

Social Events

Want to make your next social gathering a little more special? I can help you plan your bridal showers, dinner parties, baby showers, milestone birthdays, and more–all within your budget! By adding creative handmade touches, you can give guests an unforgettable experience while taking the pressure off of you. Curious about my style? Visit my personal blog to see my past social parties. I have access to affordable invitation stationary and to event decor suppliers to help give your event a one-of-a-kind pop.


Have a modest wedding budget but desire extra touches for your wedding day? You’ve found the right gal for the job. I specialize in handmade touches to make your big day just the way you envisioned it. Whether you just need a coordinator the weekend of your wedding or want help choosing every little detail, give me a call! Also, be sure to check out my Pinterest board for wedding ideas.

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