Get patriotic about your promotions

"Cool Down Fluff" dessert promotes an upcoming fundraising in a clever way.Regardless the nature of your marketing promotion, there’s always a way to make it more timely and relevant while adding an element of the unexpected. These festive patriotic bites were in promotion of an upcoming event for the local board of REALTORS®. Each year they hold a fundraiser for their political action party. This year’s auction, “Heating Things Up in a Cooled Down Market,” lent itself extra well to a red and blue, hot and cool theme when promoting the event.

These appetizers are the perfect business promotion right before the Fourth of July

A marketing promotion for an upcoming fundraiser auction feature patriotic bites of food.

In order to do something unexpected, I delivered these one-bite reminders to the major REALTOR® offices to promote the upcoming event. They featured one spicy appetizer to be followed with one mouth-cooling dessert, both containing picks that had flagettes with facts about the political action party.

This patriotic marketing promotion helps promote a political action party

These clever promotions were hard to miss right before the Fourth of July! Plus, who doesn’t like free food?

Jenny Erb, Marketing Consultant



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