Client recognized for social media achievements

Land O'Lakes growingtogether® MagazineOne of my former clients, Premier Companies, was recently recognized for being a leader in social media marketing within their industry. Land O’Lakes (yes, they do more than make butter) covered their story on page 17 in the winter issue of growingtogether® magazine.



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It took a lot of effort to get Premier Companies on the social media map. I enjoyed and disliked agriculture marketing for the very same reason–the industry is behind times on marketing trends. It’s challenging as a marketer because customers and companies alike are slow to adapt to new ways of communicating, especially when such value is put on face-to-face communication in the field (and I mean that literally–in a soil-turned, growth-promising field of crops). But at the same time, I found this part exciting as I got to pave a path in agmarketing for building customer relationships through an online presence.

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Congrats guys on getting the credit you deserve for your marketing efforts!

Jenny Erb, Marketing Consultant

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