Celebrity sightings and Hoosier pride–pregame Super Bowl fun

Posing in the Super Bowl Village downtown Indianapolis

Nothing’s ever flared my Hoosier pride as much as seeing Indianapolis transform into all things Super Bowl as 2012’s host. Despite spending the evening with thousands of visitors throughout Super Bowl Village, I’m humbled by the relaxed and friendly demeanor exhibited by the crowds. Above all, it makes any native feel proud to overhear compliments of our Hoosier hospitality.

Rumors have run rampant concerning celebrity sightings in Indy this week. Yet many of the rumors have no proof or photos to back their validity. Nonetheless, we set out tonight in hopes of catching a glimpse and losing ourselves in the excitement of seeing someone famous. We spent a lot of time hanging outside of St. Elmo Steakhouse, though never saw anyone famous coming in or out. And it’s not for a lack of trying. My husband and his friend held nothing back when catching a glimpse.

We tried really hard to spot a celebrity in Indianapolis' St. Elmos during Super Bowl celebrations

Anytime I walked by someone who was posing for photos or giving autographs, I took a pic. Though I must admit, I have no clue who these people might be!! Let’s play a game–see if you can help me name people in the following photos…


And just about when I’d given up all hope of seeing a celebrity I knew, I heard my husband squealing–yes, squealing–with excitement and then bam–just chilling hear an alley was Kim Coates, actor from one of our favorite shows, Sons of Anarchy. What an awesome guy! He was so polite about taking a photo, asking if we were fans of the show and entertaining us with small talk.

Famous actor Kim Oakes, star of TV hit Sons of Anarchy, was spotted during Super Bowl festivities in downtown Indianapolis

Despite a lot of the online rumors being false, I super enjoyed searching Twitter hashtags like crazy to follow the excitement of the Super Bowl festivities. It’s exciting that just a plain and simple person like me and be apart of something huge by simply using a Twitter account. I’m glad to see so much promotion and excitement over using #SB46 and #Social46 to stay connected on the latest Super Bowl news.

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  1. jennyerb says: (Author)

    A ha–one of the guys in the middle photo has been identified as Chad Hennings, former defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys.

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