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Why everyone should set up web analytics

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When working with clients of smaller businesses, I’m often asked why they should use web analytics for their website or social media outlets. For someone new to the concept, it’s overwhelming to figure out how to use the data to your advantage, let alone deciphering it.

Analytical data that tracks your customer’s online behavior gives you major insight into the way they think and behave concerning your brand and helps you find opportunities you may not have seen before. This insight can greatly affect all of your business decisions, not just your marketing tactics! Just think–you might be pushing a specific product locally in your brick-and-mortar store, but upon tracking what products are being viewed or talked about online, you might find out another product is actually more popular with your customers. Think how you could reformat your brick-and-mortar store–let alone your online communications–and boost sales with a special promotion that you know based on data is more likely to be successful.

Data also helps you learn your customer’s decision-making process. Your business might offer a service, such as home propane gas. Based on what pages your customer visits (and the order they visit them), you might realize that your service offerings are confusing in the way they’re currently presented and that you’d have more leads convert if you organized your website differently or clarified some information. And we all want more converted leads, right?

Even if you’re not going to use your analytical data right off the bat, it’s wise to get it set up, especially since there are so many free tools for measuring it. Since all of this can be overwhelming to busy business owners, here’s my advice for getting the most out of your web analytics:

  • Get it set up–most basic data tracking tools are free, so no excuses!
  • Hire a marketing professional (such as yours truly) to help you decipher it
  • Follow up–make sure you schedule time monthly with your marketing professional to go through the data and identify key insights
  • Take action–sadly, I see a lot of my clients stop here. Take the data and make changes to what you’re doing in order to create more personalized and successful efforts in your marketing outreach

Read more about how analytical data effects your customer communications at the post that inspired my own here at My most favorite point they made is concerning the connection of analytics to creating customer experiences, “delivering remarkable customer experiences at every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle.”

Jenny Erb, Marketing Consultant

Don’t just collect data–develop customer insights

Analytics and Marketing Operations: A One-Two Punch for Growth

A great article was posted this morning via MarketingProfs, talking about the importance of using analytics with your online marketing efforts. You think analytics is just another to-do, giving you miles of mathematic data? Think again. Your online analytics give you major insight into customer behavior, helping you to drive growth. To quote the article,

Analytics help you evaluate and address the following five growth opportunities:

  1. Acquiring more valuable customers
  2. Acquiring customers who will buy more from you
  3. Acquiring customers who will buy your high-value products or services
  4. Retaining high-value customers longer
  5. Determining which marketing activities best accelerate customer acquisition and improve retention