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Keeping your brand’s digital ecosystem healthy


Managing your online marketing efforts can be so overwhelming–just when you feel like you’re getting the hang of it, another factor changes in the digital marketing world, making you scramble to keep up. Jeb Banner of SmallBox shared slides from a presentation on keeping a healthy balance in the ever-changing digital ecosystem of your brand. I fell in love with slide 18:

How do you have a healthy digital Ecosystem?

Diverse, consistent and interesting content

Content’s where it’s at. It must be relevant and consistent with your overall marketing goals.

Meaningful conversations

Are you engaging in two-way conversation? Aim to make your online marketing efforts spark something.

Be transparent & accountable

Consumers find it refreshing to see companies own their mistakes when messing up. This is because online media is so great at giving a real voice and personality to your brand, the key is always using that to your advantage.

Maintain a healthy team culture

It takes lots of communicating to collaborate on your online brand. Healthy team=healthy results!

Consistency across all touchpoints

Again with the consistency–you must be using the same messages across all mediums. This should come naturally if you’re adhering to your set communication goals. Keep up with SEO changes and keep your efforts consistent!

Utilize web marketing best practices

There is so much expert advice available nowadays on how to do things right–so follow it.

Continually measure & refine

Efforts are wasted if they aren’t measurable and continuously redefined based on results.


Thanks Jeb for the inspiring slides!