Owned by yours truly, Erb Creative is a marketing and special events consultancy based in Columbus, Ind., that provides planning, coordination and implementation services. My passion is helping clients create meaningful, engaging relationships with their customers, leading to measurable results.

But I’m not all business, I like to party! Specifically, I also enjoy helping with social events, such as weddings, baby showers, and dinner parties. Learn more about those services here.

Find out more on my services offered, business approach, and what to expect here.

More about Jenny

Not only do I have a passion for creating, but also a love of marketing and organization. I consider myself a visionary, able to see through the chaos and clutter in order to organize a bigger picture. Having worked as a marketing professional, graphic designer, email marketing specialist, and as a corporate event planner, my background has evolved into a blend of diverse skillsets. This unique combination allows me to produce not only compelling marketing pieces and events, but also to successfully create one-to-one relationships between you and your audience.

In my free time, you’ll still find me creating. It might be a craft, a home project, gardening, or an attempt at an Instagram-worthy food dish. My hobbies serve as creative outlets and sources of inspiration, carrying into my professional work. To see what I’ve created lately, visit my personal blog.